Executive Commitee

President  :-                     Dr. Santosh Kumar Mandal


Dr. M.M Das                                                     Dr. Bikash Chattopadhyay

Dr. Tushar  Ghosh(Sr.)                                   Dr. Tirthankar Dutta

Dr. Prabhas Maji                                               Dr. Sushil Mandal

Dr. M.M. Bandyopadhyay                             Dr. Tushar Ghosh (Jr.)

Dr. Ajoy RoyChoudhury                                Dr.Ashoke Chatterjee

Dr. P.K.Banerjee                                              Dr. B.K.Mazumdar

Dr. Subhas Sarkar                                           Dr.S.B.Sarkar

Dr. Sandip Mukherjee                                   Dr. Asok Ganguly

Organizing Secretary :-  Dr. Abir Banerjee

Jt. Org. Secretaries :-     

Dr.Souvik Panja.                                             Mr. Sourav Mukherjee

Mr. Avisek Mandal                                        Mr. Partha sarathi Jana

Treasurer : –                  Dr. Debananda Mukherjee

Asst. Secretaries :-            Dr. B. DuttaRoy                                                 Dr. P. Bhoumik

Asst. Treasurer:-            Dr. Balaram Sardar.

Members :- 

Dr. Mohan Mandal                                          Dr. R.L.Verma

Dr. A.N.Singh                                                     Dr. T.K.Chatterjee

Dr. Pradeep Ganguly                                      Dr. J.N.Banerjee

Dr. Barunoday Chakraborty                         Dr. A.B.SinghaMahapatra

Dr.M.Shil                                                          Dr. Bijoy Banerjee

Dr. Parbati Nandy                                            Dr. Swapan Nag

Dr. S.K.Basu                                                        Dr. Asok Ganguly

Dr. Bikas Roy                                                      Dr. G.S.Banerjee

Dr. Aparajita Dasgupta                                   Dr. Jayanta Banerjee

Dr. Umapada  Mandal                                    Dr. Amlan Chakraborty

Dr. P.B. Bhattacharya                                     Dr. Tamonash Choudhury

Chief Co-Ordinator:-  Dr. Asutosh Dutta


Dr. B.A.Ghata                                   Dr. A. Pattanayak             Dr.Subrata Chakraborty

Dr. Samir Mal                                     Dr. S. Bhattacharya          Dr. Tapan Maji

Dr. Asit Roy                                         Dr. Suhas Ghosh               Dr.R. Tulsidasan

Dr. Swapan Roy                                 Dr. U. Khan                         Dr. S. Mukherjee

Dr. Sibaji Misra                                  Dr. M. Pratihar                  Dr. Uttam Sinha

Dr. S.P.Misra                                      Dr. P.Bhattacharya          Dr. R.Sengupta

Dr. Subhas Mandal                          Dr. G.D.Patra                     Dr. A.Maji

Dr. G.D.Mandal                                 Dr. A.Paramanik               Dr. P.Pati

Reception and Registration Committee

Chairman :-          Dr. Ashoke Chatterjee

Co- Chairman :- Dr. Putul Hazra

Members :-        Dr. Tirthankar Dutta        Dr. Barun Chakraborty

Dr. P.Bhoumik                   Dr. B. DuttaRoy

Dr.(Mrs.)K.Biswas            Dr U.K.Batabyal

Finance   Committee

Chairman :-          Dr. Bikash Chatterjee

Co- Chairman :- Dr. S.B.Sarkar

Members :-       Dr.Ananda Patra               Dr. Debananda Mukherjee Dr. Ashok Hota                  Dr. Sukhendu Layek Dr. P.K.Banerjee

Souvenir Committee

Chairman :-          Dr. Subhas Sarkar

Co- Chairman :- Dr.A. RoyChoudhury

Members :-

Dr.S.N.Chondar                                Dr. D.K.Saha

Dr. Dilip Mandal                                Dr. N. Tudu

Dr. R.N.Pradhan

Dr. C. Chattaraj                 Dr. Bhaskar Samanta

Dr. S.S.Maitra                    Dr. Apurba Bhattacharya

Scientific  committee

Chairmen :-        Dr. Sidhartha Das                   Dr. Asok Ganguly

Co- Chairmen :-  Dr.Amlan Chakraborty        Dr. Soumyadeep Bhaumik

Members :-

Dr.S.N.Chondar                      Dr. Jahar Banerjee

Dr. A. Singhababu                Dr. A. SinghaMahapatra

Dr.Asis Ghosal                   Dr. Shyamal Mukheriee

Dr. Debjani Basu               Dr. Aparajita Dasgupta

Accommodation and Travel

Chairman :-         Dr. G.S.Banerjee

Co- Chairmen :-                Dr.D.D.Chatterjee          Dr. Samar Das

Members :-

Dr.Samir Chakraborty     Dr. B.C.De

Dr.Soma Mandal              Dr. Dipak Banerjee

Dr. Sukumar Das               Dr. Bishan Basu


Chairman :-         Dr. Bikas Roy

Co- Chairmen :-                Dr.Mansur Rahaman     Dr. Arpit Saha

Members :-

Dr. M.S.Mridha                 Dr. Shambhu  Nandy

Dr. P.P.Chakraborty        Dr. N.samanta

Dr. D.K.Saha                       Dr. D.Mukherjee

Dr. A.Sengupta                 Dr. Gopal De

Food  And Hospitality

Chairman :-         Dr. Biswanath Mukherjee

Co- Chairmen:- Dr. N.Paramanik               Dr. U.K.Batabyal

Members :-        Dr. Joydeb Kar                   Dr. P.S.Manna

Dr. Sanjoy Dhar                 Dr. Sukomal Biswas

Dr. Satyaban Ghosh        Dr. S.S.Chatterjee

Dr. Ajit Biswas                   Dr. G.N.Mandal

Entertainment  &  Cultural

Chairman :-         Dr. Ajoy RoyChoudhury

Co- Chairmen:- Dr.Chaitali Basu                 Dr. M.S.Middya

Members :-        Dr. Umapada  Mandal  Dr. G.S.Mandal

Dr. T.B.Hota                        Dr. P.Ganguly

Dr. Tapan Sinha                 Dr. S.Jhariat


Chairman :-         Dr. Subhas Sarkar

Co- Chairmen:- Dr.J.N.Banerjee                                Dr. P.K.Banerjee

Members :-

Dr. Nilanjan Kundu          Dr. A.M.Patra

Dr. S.layek                           Dr. D. Mandal

Dr. G.Sadhukhan              Dr. Sandip Mukherjee


Chairman :-         Dr. Samarendra Nath Basu

Co- Chairmen :-                Dr.Amabasu Das              Dr. Alok Koley

Members :-

Dr. P.Shah                             Dr. T. Chatterjee

Dr. Tapas Sen                     Dr. Salil Halder

Dr. S. Middya                     Dr. N.R.Haldar

Dr. D. Mukherjee


Chairman :-         Dr(Mrs.) Putul Hazra

Co- Chairmen:- Dr.(Mrs) R. Maji                               Dr. Kaberi Biswas

Members :-

Dr(Mrs) Latika Ghosh     Dr. A. Dasgupta

Dr. (Mrs) Nabanita Pal

Sponsorship /  stall /   Banner

Chairman :-         Dr. Balaram Sardar

Co- Chairmen:- Dr.T.K.Chatterjee            Dr. U.Khan

Members :-

Dr. T. Chakraborty           Dr. Tapas Khan

Dr. S. Banerjee                  Dr. M. Pratihar

Dr. C.R.Mukherjee          Dr. A. Chakraborty


Chairman :-         Dr. Asoke Chatterjee

Co- Chairmen:- Dr.Kalyan De                      Dr. B.P.Mandal

Press & Publicity

Chairman  :-      Dr.Santosh Kumar Mandal  Dr. S.K.Basu

Co-Chairmen:-  Dr. Abir Banerjee             Dr. Bikash Catterjee

May I help You

Chairman :-         Dr. Debananda Mukherjee


3 Responses to Executive Commitee

  1. Dr Gautamananda Ray says:

    Excellent Saumyadeep. Very well made website. Quite a big committee. The BSMC picture is very nice too. Well done


    Dear Santosh thanks for your help. FANTASTIC website .and it is first time in B.S.M.C. history that re-union will be held by high tech .technology . pls circulate our web site

  3. Dr Satyen Datta says:

    There are a fairly large number of BSMC ex student in UK and holds reunion every year n May. It will be highly appreciated if we know the date and venue and how to contact BSMC reunion in Bankuar as I am sure many of us will be interested to know

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