Calling All Alumni

















Dear Friends ,

We are extremely pleased to announce that B.S.M.C Ex- Students Re-Union Committee, under the auspices of B.S.M.C Ex-student Association , is going to organize  the  RE-UNION OF EX-STUDENTS OF B.S.MEDICAL SCHOOL  & COLLEGE  and  THE STUDENTS OF B.S.MEDICAL COLLEGE  at the Auditorium, B.S.Medical College, Bankura, on 22nd & 23rd. January’2013 as per scheduled times.

We are expecting 1000 delegates from all over the State, Outside the State and abroad.

he programme include colorful  inauguration, Scientific feasts, Get-together, Meeting  etc.

Exhibition stalls &  attractive Banners will be displayed.

A commemorative colourful attractive Souvenir will be published on that occasion.

We cordially invite you to participate actively in the RE-UNION CEREMONY to make it a grand success.

Yours ,

B.S.M.C  Ex-Student Association.


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